Provider Transformation Series - Center for Human Services

This webinar is a part of the Provider Transformation Series. 

This transformation story comes from the Center for Human Services (CHS), based out of Sedalia, Missouri. 

In 1955, the Crippled Children's Center was founded as a cooperative service model by a group of innovative community members. The Center began with one teacher and 9 children and has grown to be the Center for Human Services today, serving over 5000 children and adults with disabilities and their families in thirty-eight counties in Central Missouri. The Center for Human Services  provides services and supports in four distinct program areas: Family and Child Development, Employment Services, Community Living, and Service Coordination. 

CHS was the first sheltered-workshop to open its doors in Missouri as well as the first to close its doors.

CHS is an APSE Award-Winning organization for its practices in Employment First.


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