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Tim Riesen, PhD.

Research Associate Professor

Office Phone: 435-797-4248.  Email: tim.riesen@usu.edu

Tim is a research associate professor with a joint appointment in the Center for Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation.  Tim's research focuses on promoting positive employment outcomes for individuals with significant disabilities. He has published articles on customized employment, transition to employment, inclusive education, systematic instruction, and alternatives to guardianship. His the co-author of a book on transition, has written book chapters on improving employment and independent living, job coaching, embedded instruction, and research design.  

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Tricia Jones-Parkin

Program Manager

Email: Tricia.jones@usu.edu
Tricia has over 20-years of experience working with people with disabilities.  In 2011, Tricia collaborated to craft the Employment First Language for Utah and has focused on capacity building and systems change efforts to increase the number of people employed and included in their local communities. Tricia is also the project director for Utah;s School to Work Inter-agency Transition Initiative funded by the Administration for the Employment Systems Change grant.  She is the co-state lead for Utah's partnership with the Office of Disability Policy's Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program.  Tricia was the recipient of the National Association of Persons Supporting Employment First (APSE) Dave Hammis Award.   

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Corban Remund, M.Ed

Program Coordinator - Employment/ACRE Training

Email: corban.remund@usu.edu

Corban is the project coordinator and lead trainer for the Basic ACRE certification.  He has a Masters in Educational Psychology.  He has been conducting a variety of trainings for local community rehabilitation providers for over five years. 



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Aubrey Snyder

HCBS Community Integration Specialist

Email: Aubrey.snyder@usu.edu

Aubrey graduated for Utah State University with an undergraduate degree in political science.  Aubrey has been working with people with disabilities for over five years and is excited to continue her work as an integrations specialist.